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www Redirect Checker

This tool checks that pages are correctly redirected from non www to www and vice-versa.

Check 301 redirects for errors to avoid duplicate content in search engines. 

Sites should always only use either www or non www and not both.

Is it better to use www or non-www?

In terms of SEO, it doesn't matter whether you use "www" or "non-www" in your website's URL. Both versions of the URL can be used interchangeably, and search engines like Google will treat them as the same website.

That being said, it's important to choose one version of the URL and stick with it consistently throughout your website. This can help avoid potential issues with duplicate content and ensure that all of your backlinks and other important metrics are associated with a single, consistent URL.

When deciding which version of the URL to use, there is no clear consensus on which is "better." Some website owners prefer to use the "www" version of the URL because it is more traditional and recognizable, while others prefer the shorter and cleaner appearance of the non-www version.

Ultimately, the decision between "www" and "non-www" is a matter of personal preference, as long as you are consistent and use the same version of the URL throughout your website.