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About Website Hit Counter

A free hit counter for your website. Monitor page view count or unique visitor count.

Generate your free hit counter instantly without registration and monitor your web traffic page views and unique visitors.

How to use our free website hit counter:

  1. Enter your website URL.
  2. Choose what number you wish the counter to start from. Most users leave start counting at 1.
  3. Choose how many digits. If your website has a lot of traffic, choose a high number.
  4. Check the counter style you wish to use.
  5. Press the Generate Counter button.
  6. Paste the generated code onto your website where you wish the counter to be displayed.

What is the purpose of a hit counter?

A hit counter is a tool that keeps track of the number of times a web page has been accessed or viewed by visitors. The purpose of a hit counter is to provide website owners with information about the popularity of their website or specific web pages, by counting the number of hits or visits they receive.