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Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator generates a placeholder image in any size, text and background colour.

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator is a tool that generates a placeholder image that can be used as a temporary substitute for an actual image in web design or development. These placeholder images are commonly used during the development stage of a website, before the final images are added, to give an idea of how the page layout will look once the images are added.

What is a Dummy Image Placeholder?

A Dummy Image Placeholder is an image used as a temporary substitute in a design or layout when a final image is not yet available or ready to be inserted. It is also known as a filler image, placeholder image, or dummy image. The purpose of a dummy image is to give an idea of how the final design will look with an image in place of the placeholder. Dummy images are commonly used in web design, graphic design, and other visual design projects. They are often simple images with a generic shape, size, and color scheme, and do not contain any specific content or information.