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Broken Links Finder

A very useful tool that scans every page of your website to route out broken links.

It will provide all internal and external links and find any 404 error pages or broken links.

Do broken links affect Google ranking?

Yes, broken links can affect Google ranking. Broken links, also known as dead links, are links on a webpage that no longer work because the page they link to has been deleted or moved. When Google crawls a webpage and encounters broken links, it can negatively affect the user experience and the website's credibility.

Google's algorithms consider the number of broken links on a webpage and their impact on the user experience when determining search engine rankings. If a webpage has a large number of broken links, Google may view it as low quality and reduce its ranking in search results.

Additionally, broken links can also impact the website's ability to be crawled and indexed by search engines. If search engines encounter too many broken links, they may not be able to crawl the website effectively, which can further impact search engine rankings.

Therefore, it's important to regularly check for and fix any broken links on your website to ensure that it is functioning properly and to maintain good search engine rankings.